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Pay NO Commissions! In 2015, our average client made an extra $16,092, almost the entire 6% agent commission. FSBO System replaces both the listing agent and the buyer’s agent in most transactions.

NO buyer’s agent! People who used a discount broker to list their home on the Multiple Listing Service only saved about $8,600 – half as much as our clients. Why? Because they paid 3% to a buyer’s agent to do the paperwork for the transaction

You need a lot more than an MLS listing to sell your house and close the transaction- correct pricing, marketing and showing, disclosure requirements, buyer pre-qualification, preparation of the purchase and sale agreement, due diligence negotiations, and the closing.

If you use a discount broker to list your home you’ll have to rely on a buyer’s agent for all that. Not a good idea! First that person is the agent for your bargaining adversary, and second, you – not the buyer – will pay that person a huge sum of money – typically 3% of the sale price – for working the other side of the transaction.

Success! To save the entire 6% commission you need something to replace that buyer’s agent. That “something” is FSBO System, and it actually works better than a buyer’s agent. For 20 straight years, good markets and bad, our average client has outperformed the average agent listing in terms of days on market and chance of success.

Impeccability. Our founder has been a lawyer for over 45 years, and a broker for over 35 years. He’s a former Chair of the Alaska Real Estate Commission. We know the legal and procedural process. In over 20 years, over 3,700 successful transactions, no client has sever been sued, or even accused of doing anything wrong.

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