Fee and Money Back Guarantee


FSBO System provides a listing on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor, Etc., MLS and all the documents, help and support you need. Last year our average client had a 75% chance of success, sold in just 23 days, and made an extra $16,092 compared to paying a 6% agent commission. 55% paid NOTHING to a buyer’s agent.. The cost for all this is just $995.

Money Back Guarantee

You may use FSBO System for as long as you want and quit whenever you want, for any reason. Before you quit, call Customer Support at (800) 279-3726 and we will refer you to a real estate agent of your choice to list your home for six percent minus our fee. So either our program works for you, which it did for over 75% of our clients last year, or you’ll get every penny of your fee back, in cash, at your closing.

Sometimes our clients negotiate on their own for a commission that’s lower than the Money Back Guarantee, which is great. That is the client’s choice.

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