Client Experiences

Mr. & Mrs. W.

“I wanted to thank the FSBO System LLC team in Anchorage, Alaska for helping us with the process of selling our home.

The education tutorials we watched were so helpful, especially when you start preparing your home to be sold and every step in between.

I didn’t realize how important simple repairs done to your home can either make or break a sale, as well as what time of day to take pictures of your home, can effect the sale. With this knowledge we feel that we will make a smart choice when purchasing our new home. Thanks again for everything.”

Mr. J.I.

“…[FSBO System] was really like a magnet, it pulled me in…It looked very clear, things were very nicely articulated… The program was very helpful and effective… I liked the segments, the way that they were divided up, each one seemed logical…I really liked that you had all the forms… Everything is literally there that someone would need to sell their home. It gives you a lot of comfort… [the] process was very people friendly and… very positive.
48 days on market, saved $33,345

K. Reed

“As a first time seller, we were very jittery and the patience from the FSBO System office was not only needed but gave us a very calming experience.”
6 days on market, saved $20,249

Brooke Von Oven

“FSBO System was very, very simple. My husband was deployed and I did it all on my own! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.”
8 days on market, saved $14,705

L. & R. Jimenez

“Our counselor was outstanding. She went beyond what was expected of her. She definitely made our sale easier. We will recommend FSBO System.”
5 days on market, saved $11,975

Mrs. L.I.

For a novice to the world of real estate… the way you present your information in the tutorial…like the bullets and the demonstrations, the examples, forms, all of that, you just guide people through it. We never were left puzzling…or feeling unsure about what we needed to do…I was real impressed with that… I’m not real good at computers and know nothing about real estate and I was able to work through it. It just flowed…
48 days on market, saved $33,345

C. & S. Halliburton

“The FSBO System staff was great! They were always courteous and made time for us even if we felt our questions were silly. Thank you all.”
8 days on market, saved $12,905

G. & C. Jandzinski

“FSBO System is simple to use because of the [customer support staff]. We were only on the market for four days and we had just one open house. It was really one of the best experiences we’ve ever had.”
4 days on market, saved $14,925

W. & D. Chang-Craft

“We just loved working with FSBO System. Everyone was very helpful…. We really enjoyed showing our own home and working with the buyers.”
11 days on market, saved $11,205

M. & K. Kirsch

“The only way to do it! Good program! Offered assistance where and when needed. [Customer support] was delightful to work with.”
Saved $33,599

T. Desatoff

“It took some work on our behalf, however, it saved a lot of money.
Sold in 60 days, saved $11,885

Sgt. L. F.

“Great program. Felt uneasy about the process at first, however it worked perfect. The buyer and I went fishing twice prior to closing. Worked great.”
1 day on market, saved $7,290

Mr. & Mrs. G. & S. L.

“Very helpful with problems that arose.”
saved $6,845

Mr. & Mrs. G. B.

“Selling was easier than I expected and no major problems arose. Ron and Kirk have been great!”
15 days on market, saved $4,281

Mr. & Mrs. J. O.

“Very supportive. We will use the program again!”
15 days on market, saved $7,709

Mr. J.B.

“This was a great savings to us and I’ll definitely do it again.Excellent program.”
Saved $7,485

Mr. & Mrs.G. & S. L.

“Very helpful with problems that arose.”
Saved $6,845

Mr. & Mrs. G. & L. C.

“Saved us Big Bucks!”
1 day on market, saved $10,404

Mr. N. L.

“I’m a repeat customer and highly recommend your program to others.”
Saved $7,173

Mr. & Mrs. J. & S. W.

“Easy, should have done this the last time.”
Saved $5,775

Mr. & Mrs. J. & B. T.

“I was very apprehensive at first, the FSBO System clearly showed us how and the people at FSBO System were patient and answered all of my questions. Thanks FSBO System.”
Saved $10,440

Mr. & Mrs. D. & J. K.

“Very thorough explanation and helpful staff!”
Saved $13,160

Ms. K. P.-S.

“I was doubtful in the beginning, but with the step by step sales method and ongoing support, it was a great success for me.”
4 days on market, saved $8,517

Mr. G. H.

“The program and all aspects including the people are wonderful!”
1 day on market, saved $9,230